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Mathieu Baillot

Freelancer ᜶ 𖤥 Lyon, FR

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My micro-enterprise


When I started this adventure, the idea was to create an independent company with an identity that reflects me and the values that correspond to me. 


The mountains: it is a place that I particularly like through my outdoor activities; but also, it is a place that inspires me a lot. 

The path: hiking or mountaineering route, it represents the roadmap that we will draw and follow together step by step. 

The summits: they symbolize the different steps to be accomplished (photos, social networks, etc.) before reaching the final summit and thus achieving all your goals. 

The colors: they represent adventure and exploration. 

My values

International openness

Embrace new cultures, assist you in your international journey.


Whether digitally or physically, communicating regularly and transparently.


Business or digital, exploring new things today to anticipate tomorrow’s trends. 

Environmental and societal

Advancing environmental thinking, contributing to digital education for all.

My profile

My languages

French, English, Spanish, Korean

Places where I lived

2 months in New York City followed by 2 years spent discovering Hong Kong and South Korea.

My hobbies

🚵 Sports and especially downhill mountain biking to exceed my own limits.

📸 Photography as well as videography (camera and drone) to express my creativity, which you can find through different posts on social networks, especially on 500px and Instagram (mathieu.baillot).

🌏 Travels, especially Asia, to discover new cultures.

🏕 Micro-adventure through the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, trekking, hiking or climbing.  

My moodboard, my source of inspiration.

Did my project spark your interest? How about talking about yours?

Did my project spark your interest? How about talking about yours?


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