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↟ Freelancer: acting for a better world. ↟


Supporting companies through digital marketing and communication actions also means being fully aware of its environmental impact.

Inspired by nature and sensitive to its preservation, I wanted to quickly implement concrete actions to preserve it. In addition to acting simply by good practices limiting my ecological footprint (sorting emails, reducing printing, etc.), I wanted to engage in a stronger and more long-term approach. 

That’s why I decided to join the 1% for the Planet France collective. The way it works is very simple. As soon as you call upon my services, I commit myself to donate 1% of my turnover to environmental causes. This contributes to fund real projects around various topics (climate, health, biodiversity, food, etc.) and thus to positively impact the world. 

Want to know more about my values?  Click here.


📍 Photo taken by drone in the Pilat regional natural park.


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